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Easy Easter decorating: Mix, match colors to reflect colors of Spring

Our TAG dinnerware creates the foundation for setting a beautiful Easter table. With the large variety of colors, mixing and matching has never been so easy!

Mixing and matching colors is one of the best ways to make your table reflect the colors of Spring. Mixing Purple and Dusty Blue gives you a feel of freshly hand painted Easter Eggs. I have used these large cabbage leaves for years as placemats. The simple centerpiece is a black metal tray holder that contains small glass bottles. Dried lavender adds a fragrant and festive touch!

Another cute and cheerful look that can be used all spring is to roll a napkin into a cone. Tuck in some flowers, either live or artificial, and tie with a piece of ribbon. This will give your table a sweet welcoming look.

If you do not have two different colors of dinnerware, you can use a small container to create individual Easter baskets. I have used a small metal cone on a stand, available at Merison’s, filled with Easter grass to make a cute little individual basket. Imagine the joy on your children's faces to see an extra little basket at their breakfast plates! Another option could be to use a cereal bowl filled with Easter grass and chocolate eggs. You can never go wrong with chocolate, right?!

Finally, for an easy centerpiece, use this versatile open weave basket! Fill with Easter grass to match your dinnerware colors. Here I paired the slate blue and caramel TAG Dinnerware. We used blue Easter grass and filled the basket with plastic eggs. For an extra punch, we ran the Paris Script Table Runner across the table to add texture and visual interest. This is a fun and festive look for your table that won't break the bank! Shop the open weave basket, dinnerware, and table runner at Merison’s!

If you like these ideas, stop by Merison's Home Furnishings to see many more ideas like these to make your table special no matter what the occasion! Happy Easter!

Until next time,

Cindy Lowe

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