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Grandmother's house was institute of Mid-Century Modern Style

As a child growing up, my Granny’s house became the landing place for all of the furniture and accessories her five children wanted to discard. After all, they were doing dear old Mom a favor by giving her their “hand-me downs.” Consequently, my Grandmother’s house became an institute of Mid-Century Modern Style. Today I am still fascinated by the clean lines and styling that I remember from her home. Clean furniture lines with exposed legs and an abundance of wood are a trademark of mid-century modern furnishings.

There were many changes in our nation when Mid-Century Modern became popular. The post-World War II homemaker was eager to try a new, fresh look. Gone were the days of dull over stuffed furnishings. These post-war ladies were in love with the bright and bold hues of red, turquoise and orange. Furniture styles were fun and innovative, not at all like the stuffy furniture of their parents’ homes.

Space travel was first and foremost the biggest trend of the era. Satellites were brand new, and the lighting was a direct reflection on the satellite designs. The Sputnik light was the most popular, but other lights reflected a modern look and feel.

The Mid-Century Modern woman looked for any excuse to break out her fondue pot. She needed a round table that promoted everyone gathering around it. Clean lines and mid-tone wood finishes were her idea of beautiful furnishings.

If you aren’t quite ready to commit to the whole look but are intrigued with this style, you may just be happy with changing your counter stools! It’s a safe bet and fun twist to add a subtle touch of Mid-Century modern to your home.

Platform beds were all the rage in the Mid-Century modern era. Clean upholstered headboards, platform beds, and leather were a pleasant break from the heavy dark furniture that had been around in the previous decade.

Love Mid-Century Modern but can’t change everything right now? Consider adding accessories with a twist of Mid Century Style. Colors and accessories that evoke a modern or geometric feel will give you the look you desire!

If you are looking for a modern twist on a vintage look, Mid-Century Modern may just be the style for you! Check out our line of trending Mid-Century Modern Furnishings at Merison's!

Until next time,

Cindy Lowe

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