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Narrow down your style inspiration

Making your house look like a home is not always easy for today’s consumer. With a wide variety of style choices, designs, colors, fabrics, and textures, you may be very confused when you walk into a showroom. A little homework and a few tips can help make the process easier!

The popularity of HGTV is very evident in the furniture industry. By watching a little HGTV, you can determine what style you like best. The farm house style is very popular, thanks to the show from Waco, Texas. Another trend on HGTV that is popular is the Eclectic Style. This is a mixture of traditional pieces with interesting or trendy flea or antique finds. This allows you to mix and match flea market finds or family treasures with new, updated pieces! The eclectic style can work well in several color themes. Watching HGTV will give you a good idea of what style to look deeper into for your furnishings.

Pinterest is also a great way to look for your style. Simple searches can give the consumer a wide variety of ideas. Save the pins to your page to keep up with all of the ideas that inspire you! Instagram is another great way to find design ideas. Many design bloggers use both types of social media to post inspiration. By looking on Instagram, you can find the style you like and then narrow your search to that designer’s blog. By searching a blog, you can then link to other bloggers who may have ideas you love. Our own Merison’s blog is another way to see the newest trends and furniture in our store.

Miranda Rial
Cindy Lowe, design consultant

Merison’s design consultants can take the inspiration that you’ve gathered from social media, TV, magazines and your own home to help transform the space into the look you want to create! If you are still confused, we can help! We can often get ideas about what you may like just by looking around our store and through our catalog kiosk. We have several things we can suggest based on your likes and dislikes to help narrow down your search.

Working with your consultant can make the process easier for you in the long run because you will not have to travel to several stores. At Merison’s, we like to make it as easy for you as possible! We offer free design services and will be glad to help you find the perfect pieces to make your house a home!

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