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The Colors of Season

My Mother loved Christmas. Every December, our house was transformed into a green and red dreamland. The only problem was that it was the 1970s, and my Mother had a bright mod floral sofa of orange, green, and maroon. Even and the young age of 8, I just knew there was something wrong there. Luckily, we didn't have that sofa for long!

Thank goodness for the array of colors available to decorate for the season today. With a little thought, you can transform your home into a well-coordinated Christmas. The colors you choose can create a warm and cozy atmosphere for your home.

If you are using brown as your primary everyday decorating color, consider decorating with bronze and gold. A woodland theme would look beautiful with this decor. Using wood, cedar, and pinecones will really bring the textures of the season together.

Another more traditional palette option to coordinate with a neutral brown decorating scheme is sage green and cranberry. These more natural colors are the perfect blend with brown! Use cranberries, pine boughs, and the delightful smelling rosemary to add festive color. This also makes for an easy transition from Thanksgiving into Christmas!

If gray is your decor color, you are in luck! Gray palettes are in abundance. Shades of gray look great with all shades of red. From cranberry to bright Christmas red, these tones look great with hues of gray! Plaid, check, and flannels in reds and blacks would give your home a very cozy feel. If you use blues with your gray decor, try the many lovely Christmas decorations that have a snow theme. The blues play so beautifully with white and gray.

Neutral and beige interiors are an opportunity to explore many different color combinations. If you are a person who likes bright, vibrant color, use a white tree and decorate with any color you wish!

Although you wouldn't think of orange and green as a usual Christmas theme, it really popped when we used these colors to play up the patterns in this sofa, pillows, rug, and accent chair. It makes for a winning combination!

Maybe you love a neutral palette so much you want a neutral Christmas decor. Texture is a must when working with a very neutral color scheme. Thick, heavy blankets can warm up your look. When choosing ribbons and wrapping paper, look for textures in sheer to shiny. Speaking of shiny, adding silver to this pallet would look great and give it a fun twist!

Whatever your color or decor, Merisons will be happy to help you make your home look it's best for the holidays. We offer free design consultation to help you bring your vision to life in your home!

Until next time,

Cindy Lowe

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