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My favorite things - Ashley Furniture

When I was in high school I loved Kentucky Fried Chicken. I was so excited when one of my friends got a job there. I thought there couldn’t be a job any better than that. However, my friend soon had some sage wisdom for me, once you eat it frequently , you are not as crazy about Kentucky Fried Chicken. The same holds true for working in the furniture world. After you look at if day in, day out, you are not as prone to be as crazy about it. So when a piece of furniture ends up on your favorites list, you know you really love it. So join me as I go through some of my favorite things.

Vennilux Sofa Table

I love the rustic look of the Vennilux Sofa Table. It is just rustic goodness. This piece has the look of reclaimed wood with a concrete top. If you love the farmhouse look, this is the table for you. Add a few baskets, and you can store anything on the two lower shelves.

Pelsor Accent Chair

I love, love, love the retro look of the Pelsor accent chair. This sweet little number comes in burnt orange or sapphire blue. This can be a great accent chair in your living room or a side chair in a bedroom.

Vennilux door cabinet

If you need a cute little storage piece the Vennilux Door Cabinet is just too cute. This cabinet is the perfect size to fit most places in your home. If you added baskets to the inside, the possibilities could be endless. This would work well in an entry hallway. It would be a great piece for a coffee bar. It could be used in a bathroom to store towels. I am considering using it as a nightstand. There are so many things to do with this piece.

The Barling Recliner is more than a recliner. This power recliner has a built in lumbar pillow. It can go up and down at the touch of a button. There is even a button that will control you headrest. Wow, now I can recline and watch television. If my back is hurting, poof, the lumbar pillow can help. This is one piece of reclining furniture that can make this dedicated recliner hater, LOVE reclining furniture. You have to try this one out.

Barling power recliner

Thanks for letting me share some of my favorites from the Ashley Furniture line. Drop by either Merison's locations at 202 Mineral Wells Avenue or 307 Fairview Street in Paris, Tennessee. If you do, one of these things may become your favorite things. Stay tuned for my favorites from the Bassett line.

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